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Self Navigators

FIS offers products that best serve your most profitable set of customers, including self-navigators and the Gen Y crowd. Our new mobile banking triple play product is industry leading. With three levels of service plus iPhone integration offered at one price, your institution has an opportunity to reach out to the 42 million potential mobile users that are projected to exist by 2012. And, our mobile banking product is pre-integrated with our core processing systems, streamlining the implementation and support processes that are critical to success in this market.

There are several new and interesting things customers can do via a mobile phone. They can send payments from one person to another through people pay, giving them the ability to split a check at dinner, send money to a child in college or pay their lawn service bill with a simple mobile command.

Customers can also reload prepaid cards from their mobile phones, furthering their level of control and convenience. With item processing, customers can see images of their checks online along with checking balances and transferring funds. And, eAccount Opening, online bill pay and expedited bill pay are compelling new offerings that keep this group of customers engaged and happy, and attract new customers looking for all the conveniences the Internet and mobile world provide.

For all of these products, FIS can support implementation and management at lower costs through a virtual back-office offering. Our global presence gives us the capability to move certain back-office functions offshore, getting them done for less and in a timely fashion.

Learn more about the FIS products and services we offer to help you serve the self-navigator market:

  • Mobile banking
  • Core processing
  • P2P
  • Prepaid Cards
  • Item processing
  • E-account Opening
  • Online bill pay
  • Expedited bill pay
  • Virtual back office

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