Payments and Bank Connectivity

Although standardizing and centralizing payment workflow is a key practice in the prevention of fraud, most large corporations have not done so. Further, they are bypassing significant cost savings. With the FIS™ corporate payments system, corporations can lower costs, reduce fraud, increase operational efficiency and controls while gaining global cash visibility.

  • Centralize payments for improved visibility and control.
  • Mitigate risk of fraud and errors.
  • Handle all payment types – ISO 20022 XML, bulk/ACH, treasury, wires, direct debits and manual payments.
  • Easily reconcile payments.
  • Securely, reliably and cost-effectively outsource all aspects of the management of your bank connectivity.
  • Outsource to FIS, certified by SWIFT as a premier service bureau.
SWIFT Service Bureau

Bank and SWIFT Connectivity

Outsource Management of Your Bank or SWIFT Connectivity and Focus on Other Priorities

With 28 percent of companies relying on 10 or more cash management banks, operational costs and risk can spiral. Even corporations with limited banking partnerships struggle with installation, maintenance and integration. FIS can help you securely, reliably and cost-effectively outsource the management of your bank and SWIFT connectivity. FIS is certified by SWIFT as a premier service bureau.

  • Eliminate the complexities of bank and SWIFT connectivity with a single, bank-neutral platform that interfaces with treasury, payments and eBam solutions, as well as ERP systems.
  • Increase efficiency by minimizing manual processing and gaining onboarding and administration services.
  • Reduce operational costs.
  • Mitigate risk while achieving compliance with complete audit trail and reporting capabilities.
  • Achieve flexibility with the ability to connect via SWIFT, EBICs, FTPs and networks.
  • Gain a central library for transformations/formatting.

Payment Factory

Improve Visibility, Lower Costs and Reduce the Risk of Fraud

With the spotlight on liquidity, corporations are under pressure to more effectively manage their cash. For corporations with complex payments requirements, FIS™’ payment factory solution provides best-in-class payments and account statements processing capabilities. Companies with less complex payments requirements can opt for our secure and cost-effective SaaS multibank payment solution.

  • Centralize and standardize internal processes through our payment factory while supporting payment capture and processing, account statement retrieval and reconciliation at the subsidiary level.
  • Eliminate manual processing.
  • Improve control and audit with a payment factory that consistently adheres to best practice.
  • Reduce costs.
  • Adhere to compliance mandates and minimize fraud.
  • Enable global visibility into your cash.


Automate Payments Reconciliation for Greater Transparency and Lower Costs

Payment and Bank Connectivity_Reconciliation

By deploying a payments reconciliation strategy around B2B payments processes, organizations can benefit from greater process transparency, reduced process cost, lower total cost of ownership and eased administrative burden, while improving service. FIS helps corporations automate payments reconciliation and matching across their enterprise, ensuring accuracy and timely settlement.

  • Automate the matching of any instrument and receive and ingest messages in any format including SWIFT messages and standard or proprietary messages.
  • Improve operational efficiencies through automated payments reconciliation.
  • Reduce costs.
  • Reduce operational risk.