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Community Banking

    Go niche or go by wayside, these community bankers argue

    American Banker recently discussed this issue with a panel of community bankers at its annual Retail Banking conference in Miami. The panel was a diverse group: Jay Pelham, the president of TotalBank, a Miami institution owned by Banco Popular Espanol in Spain; Scott Goodman, the president of Enterprise Financial, a publicly traded bank in St. Louis; and Deborah Cole, president and CEO of Citizens Savings Bank, a black-owned institution in Nashville, Tenn.

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    Customer Expectations

      Don't end branching to compete digitally. Just do it better

      Bad news for the retail sector continues to roll in. Traditional retailers are panicking as shoppers more and more shift their purchases from brick-and-mortar stores to online venues. The industry’s struggles are a cautionary tale for banks, which are also experiencing a digital transformation. But the good news for financial institutions is they still have time to avoid a downturn of the magnitude now facing large retailers.

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      Information Security

        Mobile security is an investment issuers can't ignore

        Mobile payments are here to stay, meaning consumers will leave their wallets and credit cards behind in favor of using their mobile devices to pay for everything from coffee to lawn care in increasing numbers.

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        Off the Wall

          Why big banks are in an arms race to upgrade the 50-year-old ATM

          Big banks are investing heavily to reinvent a boxy machine that has gracefully reached middle age even as the industry turns its attention to young, hip technologies such as APIs, blockchains and artificial intelligence.

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          Regulatory Change

            If banks wait for APIs to be mandated, it will be too late

            Many executives believe the U.S. will get a similar PSD2 mandate, and they fear that the U.S. version of the regulation will force them to give up unilateral ownership of a treasure trove of data and cause further erosion to their bank’s bottom line. To them, designing, building, securing and maintaining an API for consumers, fintechs and others to use is a scary, losing proposition. The reality, however, is that the data-sharing model is essential for customer retention.

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              Payments innovation is 'unbundling' banking

              Fintech companies identify customers’ needs better and facilitate payments in the easiest way possible and with simplified user flow. Their payment forms include just essential information and there’s no need to redirect users to external payment, or bank, services to pay.

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