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Community Banking

    FSA policy on regional banks

    The new Financial Services Agency policy on supervision of the banking industry urges regional banks to shift the emphasis of their lending decisions from the creditworthiness of their corporate borrowers to the firms' business potential. This marks a major turnaround by the FSA, which since the creation of its predecessor in 1998 amid the financial sector crisis has focused on banks' financial health by getting them to shed nonperforming loans.

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    Customer Expectations

      Low-Income Youth Embrace Savings Accounts, Direct Deposit in Test

      Low-income urban youth methodically saved money when taught about goal-setting and given access to savings accounts and other basic banking tools, according to a report issued Tuesday about a financial education program called America Saves for Young Workers.

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      Information Security

        Banks face new demands to guard themselves from hackers

        Hackers who relentlessly pursue banks may run into tougher defenses as the Federal Reserve and other U.S. regulators force the biggest lenders to plug any vulnerabilities.

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        Off the Wall

          Digital payments a gateway for 'Smart Cities'

          As large and small cities across the world seek ways to build a network that connects devices, collects data and moves nearly every aspect of urban life into a digital world, payments technology is providing examples to follow.

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          Regulatory Change

            Relief Coming for Some Banks, But Not the Biggest; Substantial deregulation likely for smaller banks after Donald Trump victory

            In the aftermath of Mr. Trump's victory, one thing investors can likely be confident in is that substantial deregulation is coming for smaller banks. Bank stocks overall were trading higher Wednesday afternoon in anticipation of this.

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              As Hype Wanes, Blockchain Settles into Practical Banking Niches

              Technologists and bankers may be settling on a narrower range of use cases for blockchain technology than suggested by the euphoric discussions of wide-ranging possibilities a year or two ago.

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