Private Equity Software and Services

Streamline the Fund Life Cycle with Private Equity Software

To operate effectively while delivering growth and performance, private equity firms must optimize the management of data, simplify complex IT infrastructures and improve the investor experience. Investran, the private equity software solution from FIS™, automates front-, middle- and back-office processes for general partners, limited partners, fund administrators, family offices and fund of funds.

  • Gain flexible, secure access to advanced data visualizations, analysis and optimized reporting using Investran’s data exchange investor portal (link to Data Exchange page) solutions (mobile friendly).
  • More effectively manage the entire fund life cycle with advanced private equity software and its powerful fund accounting, reporting and relationship management functionality.
  • Support multiple asset types and structures – buyout, growth, venture, distressed debt, mezzanine, real estate, infrastructure, natural resources and energy; as well as direct and fund investments, fund of funds and secondaries.
  • Increase security with robust role-based capabilities that support separation of duties, maker-checker (four-eye) review and a detailed audit trail.
  • Better manage the complete investment life cycle from due diligence through sourcing and realization.

Data Exchange

Investor Portal Solutions for Private Equity Reporting and Analytics

Private market participants are more actively monitoring their exposure than ever before, fueling the need for direct, on-demand access to documents and portfolio details via an easy-to-navigate interface. As part of the FIS™ Investran private equity software suite, the Data Exchange investor portal for reporting and analysis provides advanced data visualizations, interactive reporting and secure document access.

  • General partners use the Data Exchange investor portal to give their limited partners access to documents and dynamic dashboards that support drilldowns to details on capital activity, performance and exposure.
  • A self-service private equity investor reporting model enables limited partners to monitor their capital events activity and dynamically analyze performance and exposure of their portfolios, managers, funds and underlying holdings.
  • Family offices can provide family members and stakeholders with a consolidated view of their holdings, performance and exposures.
  • Fund administrators can create a sophisticated branded customer reporting experience for the fund managers that they support with the investor portal’s on-demand access to financial, investor and investment data.

Family Offices

Support Diversification in the Private Equity Family Office

As family offices increasingly diversify into alternative assets and invest in private equity, it is imperative to have effective decision support and reporting systems. Whether for a single or multifamily office, FIS™' Investran private equity software simplifies the tasks associated with managing single and multiple pools of capital into a multistrategy portfolio.

  • More easily handle complex private equity investor reporting requirements, track deal flow, monitor the active portfolio and manage the cash available to invest.
  • Track key performance indicators, support due diligence, enhance relationship and document management, and monitor your portfolio from sourcing through realization.
  • Facilitate financial management for family members’ individual investments and expense allocations, as well as support for different types of investment vehicles, including foundations and trusts.
Private Equity Family Offices

Fund Accounting

Automate Private Equity Accounting to Support Growth

Private Equity Fund Accounting

As investors become more demanding and growth becomes more challenging, private equity firms face an important choice: significantly add staff to perpetuate manual processes or automate fund accounting with private equity technology. FIS™’ Investran, our private equity software solution, simplifies even the most complex fund accounting and reporting functions.

  • Automate the full range of private equity accounting processes – fee calculations, valuation adjustments, investment sales and dispositions, subsequent close rebalances and partner transfers.
  • Run a variety of reports at the most granular level possible using standard reports, or customize your own with our powerful and user-friendly ad hoc private equity investor reporting tool.
  • Electronically distribute reports to investors and internal stakeholders.

Fund of Funds

Better Manage Risk and Performance with Private Equity Software

As a fund of funds manager, you give investors access to leading private equity managers, but you also face unique challenges. FIS™’ Investran private equity software simplifies fund of funds management, facilitating each step, from fund pipeline and fundraising to portfolio monitoring and reporting, supported by a robust private equity accounting and portfolio management platform.

  • Provide insightful visuals of pertinent data at the fund, portfolio and individual investment level to your clients on your branded portal using our integrated data exchange private equity investor portal.
  • As a manager, the data exchange investor portal enables you to analyze exposures, monitor risk and gain a complete perspective of your portfolio using our dynamic performance dashboards.
  • Simplify the management of complex fund structures and perform allocations dynamically with sophisticated partnership accounting software.
  • Enhance relationships with investors by automating the administration of contacts and mailing preferences, annual and quarterly statements, capital account statements, and investor capital reporting (capital call and distribution notices).
Private Equity Fund of Funds

General Partners

Reduce Complexity and Operational Risk

With fees under heavy scrutiny, private equity general partners must exceed performance expectations and meet increasing investor demand for information. Investran, FIS™’ private equity software, enables you to grow and diversify funds by streamlining fund accounting and performance reporting, more effectively monitoring risk, better managing deal flows and improving operations of the fund life cycle.

  • Streamlines the fund accounting and administration process through efficient data collection, robust accounting and reporting via a single investment management software platform
  • Offers flexibility to support a wide array of asset types and structures (fund and direct) and multiple sets of books
  • Investran’s data exchange investor portal enables ad hoc, interactive reporting and analysis, plus the ability to run annual and quarterly statements and investor capital reporting.
  • Simplifies the management of complex fund structures and fee calculations with sophisticated partnership accounting software
  • Tracks key performance indicators while monitoring your portfolio from sourcing through realization

Limited Partners

Use Private Equity Technology to Turn Data into Insights

As investors diversify their holdings through sophisticated strategies that cross currencies, industries and geographies, private equity technology is key to highlighting risks and managing opportunity. Investran, the private equity software from FIS™, helps you automate and simplify the investment life cycle, from pipeline management and portfolio monitoring to investment administration, cash flows and performance reporting.

  • Enables private equity limited partners to analyze exposures, monitor risk and gain a complete perspective of their portfolio using our data exchange investor portal
  • Supports a wide array of direct investments and fund asset types – buyout, growth, venture, distressed debt, mezzanine and many more
  • Tracks key performance indicators while monitoring your portfolio from sourcing through realization
  • Simplifies investment administration and cash flows, with multicurrency capabilities, consolidated reporting and tracking for origination and portfolio management fees

Real Estate

Integrated Real Estate Investment Solutions

Private equity real estate presents an attractive investment opportunity. However, front-office executives and operations professionals require sophisticated, asset class-specific private equity portfolio management solutions and data collection infrastructure to properly support their investment programs. Investran, FIS™’ robust private equity accounting and portfolio management platform, is specifically architected and configured to support real assets.

  • Analyze performance and monitor exposure of your real estate holdings using our data exchange private equity investor portal’s dynamic dashboards.
  • Monitor investments with asset class-specific performance measurements and benchmarks.
  • Track property attributes and key performance indicators while monitoring your portfolio from sourcing through realization.
  • Integrate private equity software with property management systems to capture leasing and tenant information.