Operations and Technology

Advanced Solutions that Streamline Post-trade Processing

The pursuit of operational efficiencies and cost reduction is essential, a reality driven by new capital and margin requirements. Complex clearing processes, coupled with declining commission rates, call for streamlining the processing of the growing post-trade volume. FIS™ trading software suite for post-trade operations helps you process securities and derivatives to efficiently manage workflow.

  • Automate middle- and back-office processes and workflows, including derivatives reconciliation with exchanges and central counterparties, and daily settlement and contract data coverage for more than 80 derivatives exchanges.
  • Drive process and data standardization and integrate with our securities solutions for trading, securities financing, collateral management, and risk and compliance.
  • Transform the economics, scale and efficiency of your clearing businesses by reducing operational complexity, risk and cost.
  • More effectively track funds on a day-to-day basis and invest them to your best advantage.

Corporate Actions

Automate the Entire Process with Corporate Actions Software

Corporate actions processing is fraught with complexities, from the management of often incomplete data received from different sources at different times, through event, position, election and entitlement management – and it all has to happen quickly, typically with too few staff. FIS™’ corporate actions software and services help global financial institutions automate end-to-end corporate actions processing.

  • Automate the end-to-end corporate actions processing life cycle with straight-through processing that eliminates manual intervention.
  • Reduce the reliance on paper notifications and eliminate the need to rekey data, thus reducing risks and costs.
  • Gain an intuitive, dynamic and visual representation of your firm’s corporate actions risk exposure with a cloud-based risk dashboard.
  • Further reduce exposure risk and TCO through corporate actions business process as a service (BPaaS), a system-agnostic service that collects, cleanses and standardizes data to provide a global central repository of “golden copy” corporate actions data.
  • Lower infrastructure maintenance and costs with our in-house corporate actions software solution or software as a service (SaaS) offering via the cloud.

Choose the solution that has earned the SWIFT Certified Application Label for 12 consecutive years, ensuring adherence to SWIFT FIN messages, connectivity and functionality.

Operations Processing

Streamline Your Processes and Reduce Costs

The financial services industry continues to be more electronic, global and regulated. With growing volumes, new capital, margin and reporting requirements, complex clearing processes and declining commission rates, firms must streamline and automate processes. Through trading software and services, FIS™ helps you explore new ways to reduce costs while enhancing the user and investor experience.

  • More effectively manage money, tracking funds on a day-to-day basis and investing them to your best advantage.
  • Efficiently manage your middle- and back-office processes and workflow with trading software.
  • Improve the user experience and differentiate service by delivering meaningful, actionable content to advisors and investors.
  • Take advantage of advanced trading software solutions for bank treasury and portfolio management, clearance and settlement.
Operation and Technology Operations Processing


Achieve Greater Transparency while Reducing Costs and Risk

Operations and Technology Reconciliations

With increasing regulatory pressure and requirements for processing transparency, choosing the right reconciliation software is essential. The IntelliMatch operational control solution suite from FIS™ integrates with our trading software to help banks, brokers and buy-side firms automate and better manage reconciliation and system validation while reducing costs and risk.

  • Empowers banks to better manage accounting, trading, transactional, cash reconciliation, nostro reconciliation and derivatives reconciliation activities
  • Enables banks to achieve operational maturity through the growth, consolidation and optimization of reconciliation solutions and processes
  • Helps brokers manage derivatives market change by ensuring connectivity with new and emerging market entities
  • Specialist support and range of professional and managed services help banks, brokers and buy-side firms improve cost management, reduce risk and deliver operational improvement.

Securities Finance

Expand Your Business and Gain Efficiencies through Trading Software

Whether you are on the supply or demand side of the securities finance business, maintaining agile growth and running more efficient operations are the priorities. FIS™’ trading software helps a broad range of participants address their stock borrowing and lending, repo, synthetic finance, collateral management and prime finance technology requirements.

  • Increase profitability, improve transparency and make smarter decisions throughout the global trading day with advanced trading software.
  • Expand your business through a broad range of product types and markets.
  • Control operational costs and increase the efficiency of your business.
  • Manage risk and hold down the cost of collateral/capital usage.