Treasury Management for Commercial and Investment Banking

Rethink Your Treasury

As the bank’s treasurer, your core objectives are to manage assets and liabilities, ensure access to funding and liquidity, and reduce exposure to risk. FIS™’ offers a centralized treasury management solution for cash management, liquidity, FX and more, with multiple asset classes commonly used to help the bank manage its own treasury operations. The solution also integrates with FIS’ premium fully managed bank connectivity solution to help banks connect directly to SWIFTNet and other regional networks.

  • Implement your strategies in real time and with maximum efficiency, reacting to unexpected liquidity surpluses or shortages with confidence.
  • Enhance productivity by automating transaction flows with central hub architecture, increasing the level of automation and lowering cost per transaction.
  • Deliver flexibility across asset classes with extensive instrument coverage.
  • Improve risk management with a complete and accurate view of credit, market and operational exposure.
  • Reduce costs by outsourcing both the application and hardware support.