FIS Tokenization

Provide a secure and improved cardholder experience online and at the point of sale with FIS’ payment tokenization solution

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Payment Tokenization Solutions for Secure Digital Payments

Payment network tokenization replaces the primary account number (PAN) with a pseudo-number or “token” that’s used in a digital/mobile wallet payment transaction for enhanced security.

It’s more important than ever to let cardholders pay when and how they want. By tokenizing your card portfolio, cardholders can easily make digital and mobile card payments, online and at the point of sale, securely and conveniently.

How FIS Empowers Tokenization

Innovate to differentiate with FIS Tokenization

Offer More Ways to Pay In-Store or Online

Empower mobile contactless payments with tokenization

Mitigate Fraud Risk

Protect card numbers and reduce liability and exposure

Power Faster Transactions

Create ease with digital and mobile payment options, frictionless multichannel access, and personalized service

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