Retirement Services & Solutions

Focus on Your Customers, Not Your Processes

The coming influx of new retirees brings both opportunity and challenges that create a need for competitive solutions. As you compete for assets, how you service clients becomes the differentiator. FIS™ offers retirement services that link activities across the entire retirement life cycle so you can focus on your customers’ needs instead of business processes.

  • Simplify data onboarding, recordkeeping, compliance activities, tax reporting, payment processing and trade management through our comprehensive retirement services.
  • Create a competitive advantage with access to time-saving, cost-effective retirement plan and fiduciary services.
  • Stay abreast of the continuous evolution and expansion of investment options, market volatility and changing legislation.
  • Reduce financial exposure associated with lag time and stay on top of critical, time-sensitive issues.

Education Solutions

Remain Current on Industry Changes with Retirement Education

Providing world-class customer service means having well-versed, well-educated employees. With retirement and pension education services, FIS™ keeps both new and experienced employees informed of relevant retirement industry changes. Many on-demand educational offerings include continuing education credits that help professionals maintain their designations without incurring registration or travel expenses.

  • Enables employees to learn at their own pace and on their terms via educational seminars, conferences and reference materials
  • Reduces training investment by making most classes available online
  • Retirement and pension education classes can be tailored to your organization’s needs and delivered in person at your location or an FIS facility.
  • Convenient online registration available 24/7

Government Solutions

Reduce Effort and Risk with Automatic Retirement Government Form Submission

The retirement government forms, reports, disclosures and other requirements that must be addressed as part of risk management and compliance can be daunting, especially with rapidly changing, complex legislation. The FIS™ Government Forms solution helps ensure the comprehensive, accurate automation of the retirement government form completion process while helping save you time and resources.

  • Enhance productivity and streamline processing.
  • Save time related to form submission with handy filing guides.
  • Reduce the risk of audit with optional outsourcing filing services.
  • Eliminate errors that result from cumbersome manual processes.

Payments and Disbursements

High-volume Processing that Simplifies Payments

Payments and Disbursements

With more people living to age 65 and beyond, you need to be prepared to serve this growing population. This requires systems and processes that automate, organize, simplify and integrate your check writing, benefit disbursements and tax reporting activities. FIS payment services delivers the features, high-volume processing and connectivity required to maintain the pace.

  • Eliminates live phone support expenses through online accessibility for plan participants
  • Reduces costs with remote accessibility via web of shared IP address
  • Manages a variety of payment types and deduction methods, regardless of processing volume
  • Features comprehensive market-tested online security

Plan Administration

Prepare for Success as Retirement Assets Climb

With trends pointing to continuing asset growth in worldwide retirement investing, you need a partner that can help you fulfill recordkeeping requirements, improve customer service and position your business for growth. With FIS™ Omni and Relius retirement plan administration solutions, recordkeepers can administer defined benefit and defined contribution and other contributory schemes and plans worldwide from one system.

  • Customize the solution to your unique needs, developing your own rules and building processing logic to meet changing administration requirements.
  • Maintain tighter compliance and transparency with a solution continually updated to adhere to regulatory requirements..
  • Boost efficiency by automating labor-intensive back-office manual processes..
  • Work more efficiently by accessing administrative functions from disparate locations anywhere in the world, any time.
Plan Administration

Retirement Outsourcing

Reduce Operational Costs while Delivering Quality Service

Retirement Outsourcing

As Americans struggle to save for retirement, plan administrators face rising costs, constant regulatory changes and pressure to differentiate their retirement offering. Once reluctant to host technology or outsource back-office operations, they now seeing the benefits. Retirement outsourcing from FIS™ allow you to focus on differentiators that can add value and generate revenue.

  • Concentrate on managing your internal operations while minimizing maintenance risk.
  • Rely on our deep industry and technology knowledge to help steer operational assessments and identify areas that can be streamlined.
  • Minimize the need to hire and maintain staff with higher skill sets.
  • Avoid the manual implementation of upgrades and enhancements by working from the most current version of the technology.
  • Benefit from a secure, compliant environment with 24/7 staffing that continually monitors jobs and ensures meeting crucial processing deadlines.

Trade and Reconciliation

Reduce Processing Costs while Strengthening Risk Management

While reducing trading costs is a priority, it can’t be at the expense of mitigating operational risk and ensuring trading integrity. FIS’ trade and reconciliation services brings multiple systems together in a single automated platform for trading, risk management and reconciliation. This FIS™ solution combines and connects transaction life cycle systems to reduce processing costs.

  • Save time and money by eliminating complicated, error-prone manual processes.
  • Maintain better control of your order flow and transaction history.
  • Reduce costs and risk by improving trading and reconciliation efficiency.
  • More quickly identify and resolve problems that arise with a single point of daily access to position accounts.
  • Manage positions and their associated risks in real time.
Trade and Reconciliation

Trust Solutions

Effectively Manage and Service Retirement Plans While Reducing Risk

FIS 	Trust Solutions

In this challenging economic and legal environment, retirement plan providers need a strong trust and fiduciary services partner to navigate fiduciary responsibilities and effectively manage their plans. From software to full-service trust, fiduciary and custodial solutions through Reliance Trust, an FIS™ company, providers can reduce fiduciary liability, comply with ERISA’s rigorous standards and remain competitive.

  • Gain efficiencies by implementing customized trust and full-service fiduciary support solutions for all retirement plan types, including discretionary and directed trustee services.
  • Reduce your fiduciary liability by selecting Reliance Trust to serve as the 3(38) investment manager of your plan.
  • Rely on a seasoned team of ERISA experts that understand the challenges plan fiduciaries face, including the oversight of publicly traded company stock, plan expense management, and investment review and manager selection.
  • Streamline your plan processes with comprehensive fiduciary services, including investment monitoring, plan communication, proxy services and stock monitoring.
  • Design retirement plan strategies that work for the company, executives and plan fiduciaries.


Automate Your Processes for Optimal Efficiency

Timely, easy access to accurate information is critical if you want to gain efficiencies, reduce costs and provide exceptional client service. FIS™ provides retirement services to help you automate manual processes, enforce business procedures, communicate clearly with stakeholders, track performance and access key information needed for decision-making.

  • Reduce cost and gain visibility through system and departmental integration.
  • Improve process cycle time with real-time response to inquiries.
  • Maintain a complete audit trail of processing for improving productivity and refining organizational business needs.
  • Easily adapt your workflow processes over time.
  • Rely on the FIS professional services team to help you optimize your workflow processes based on best practices.