The 2017 PACE Report provides meaningful, actionable insights for becoming and remaining your customers' first choice in financial institutions.

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For the US market, we have created three meaningful, actionable reports for becoming and remaining the first choice for your customers' financial services. Please select the relevant report below.


Life Events

Where banking meets life

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German banks have the greatest opportunity to grow by better aligning their products and services with consumers’ key life events and taking on more of an advisory role.

Collectively, Gen Xers and senior millennials are high-income, highly active banking customers.

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Senior millennials and Gen Xers are nearing the height of their earning potential, making more than €2,200 a month. They’re also at the time of their lives when they experience the biggest financial changes, such as purchasing a home or automobile.

Germany - Life Events - Chart 1

Banks can grow by supporting customers in achieving their financial aspirations.

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Germany - Top of Phone - Chart 2

More than half of Germany’s millennials and nearly half of its Gen Xers have at least one major event planned within the next two to three years that will affect their finances. The most commonly reported upcoming life event was purchasing an automobile.

Gen Xers and senior millennials are most interested in hearing from a trusted in-person financial advisor.

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Despite their increasing preferences for banking digitally, Gen Xers and senior millennials are still most comfortable with an in-person financial advisor. German banks could benefit from initiating such interactions through well-timed outreach to coincide with the likelihood of key life events.

Germany - Top of Phone - Chart 3

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