The 2017 PACE Report provides meaningful, actionable insights for becoming and remaining your customers' first choice in financial institutions.

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For the US market, we have created three meaningful, actionable reports for becoming and remaining the first choice for your customers' financial services. Please select the relevant report below.


Life Events

Where banking meets life.

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Indian banks have the greatest opportunity to grow by better aligning their products and services with consumers’ key life events.

Nearly all consumers will need financial assistance in the near future.

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A sign of India’s fast economic rise, more than nine out of 10 respondents under the age of 52 expect to experience at least one key life event in the next two to three years that will affect their finances.

India - Life events - Chart 1

The young have the hardest time accessing trusted financial advice.

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India - Life Events - Chart 2

According to PACE data, India’s young and senior Generation Y members report the most difficulty finding people who can knowledgeably answer questions about financial services and products.

Consumers can be served cost-effectively via personal financial management apps.

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In general, perceived affordability and lack of enough financial assets are barriers to seeking financial advice. But these drawbacks could be mitigated with personal financial management apps, including online chat, online educational forums, interactive tools and improvements in website navigation to find information more easily.

India - Life events - Chart 3

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