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Ethos™ International Credit Score

Expand your profitable customer base with international credit history

Each year, millions of people move to the United States in search of new opportunities. In fact, the U.S. Census Bureau expects immigration to drive over 88% of net U.S. population growth by 2065*. These newcomers represent a low-risk, highly engaged potential customer base. However, the lack of a U.S. credit history and no way to access international credit history makes lending decisions difficult or risky.

Ethos™ International Credit Score is a solution that, for the first time in the financial services industry, enables lenders to access international credit data to serve this fast-growing segment.

*Source: US Census Bureau “A Changing Nation: Population Projections under Alternative Migration Scenarios”

Unlock millions of new customers with real-time international credit data

Each year, 2.5 million* new, long-term visa holders arrive in the United States in need of financial products, offering an exciting long-term growth opportunity for lenders

Real-time credit data from over 13 countries

Approve new-to-country borrowers with confidence leveraging a direct connection with 15 foreign credit reporting bureaus

Standardized for easy underwriting

Where international standards do not match U.S. standards, such as the credit score scale, the data is automatically converted to U.S. standards that underwriters can easily recognize

*Based on 2018 actual visa data

A comprehensive credit file for multiple uses

Our robust international credit data reporting includes credit history, current open tradelines, payment history, credit inquiries, credit score, risk attributes and repayment information

The growth opportunity for U.S. lenders

Accelerate portfolio growth and profitability – Boost approval rates and increase your market share with highly profitable new account acquisitions.

Highly creditworthy, prime customers – Gain access to a large segment of newcomers that are highly creditworthy, with low defaults and high loyalty to underwriters who help them get settled upon arrival.

Build loyalty and unlock multi-product relationships Newcomers are highly credit-active. Build trust and loyalty with new consumers when they first arrive and unlock cross-sell opportunities as part of an enduring relationship.