Instant Payments

The global trend toward immediate payment networks is clearly accelerating, with regular announcements of new initiatives from around the world. In Europe, with the launch of SEPA instant payments on the horizon, many banks are looking at what they need to do to move to real time.

SEPA instant payments are more than a faster SEPA. Delivering real time will extend far beyond payment systems to incorporate core banking, fraud, reconciliation and many others.

Every bank needs to consider its own approach, but a lot can be learned from the experience of others.


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A trip around the world of immediate payments

The world is embracing faster payments, but there are many forms of fast. Immediacy is not the only goal: A successful payments scheme must also add value, boost innovation and drive uptake. With so many new faster payment schemes emerging, now is a good time to take stock of what’s happening, where and how.

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Delivering Real-time Payments

In these videos, Warren Gardiner, head of solutions and strategy for Enterprise Payments at FIS, explains our unique Faster Payments Innovation Index and the impact on banks of moving to real-time payments.