FIS Ambit Risk and Performance

Align risk, treasury and finance for effective balance sheet optimization


A Centralized View of Risk, Liquidity, Capital and Profitability

With FIS™ Ambit Risk and Performance, you can be both prudent in your decision-making and strategic for maximized returns. Ambit Risk and Performance gives you a centralized view of risk, liquidity, capital and profitability across the enterprise.

It offers modular solutions for asset liability and market risk management, liquidity risk management, regulatory compliance and economic capital management and credit risk management.

FIS Can Help

A modular solution to help banks manage risk and enhance balance sheet performance

A Centralized View across the Enterprise

Ensure that you see consistent risk data and models across the organization

Run Risk and Return Scenario Simulation

Enables you to make the best decisions while driving towards the best returns

Win Back Valuable Time

Automate complex regulatory reporting

Dig into the Solution Suite

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