Our Capital Markets Solutions

Capital markets has always been a complex world. But with COVID-19, you're facing bigger resilience, credit, and risk challenges than ever before.

It's clear that small solutions won't measure up to the challenges of this new world. It will take bigger thinking, bigger commitment, and bigger advances to solve the issues facing you today – and the ones down the road. That's why there's FIS. Let’s solve something bigger.


We’re rebranding our capital markets products to better reflect their value. But we’re bigger than a name change. We continually invest in our solutions to deliver more than ever before.

Private Equity

The ability to understand the data, the market and the opportunities has never been more critical – or more challenging.

Let's solve tomorrow, today.

Regulation affects every corner of your business, and the demands never stop. But what if you could solve multiple regulatory challenges with one partner?

Let's solve compliance across the enterprise.
Commercial Lending

Discover the future-proofed lending platform that expands your digital channels and gives you a deeper understanding of your customer.

Let's solve the lending life cycle

Let's Solve Buy-side Challenges

From greater investor scrutiny to the rise of strategies like ESG, our solutions for the buy side help traditional asset managers, hedge funds, private equity firms and fund administrators solve the bigger issues – and manage and grow their AUM.

Hedge Funds

What if your technology made you more agile? Whatever the market brings, we free you to focus on what your investors want: exceptional returns.

Private Equity

What if you could solve tomorrow by thinking bigger today? Generate alpha and outpace your rivals with the right private equity software, insights and expertise.

Transfer Agency

With today's uncertainty, you deserve a better transfer agency. From specialist service to real-time tech, see how FIS Transfer Agency stacks up against your operation.

Let's Solve Sell-side Challenges

Whether market volatility is pushing your legacy tech to the breaking point or you're struggling with new lending and credit stress, our solutions for the sell side empower commercial and investment banks and broker-dealers to make markets, lend and manage risk.

Asset, Auto and Equipment Finance

If you can provide fast, convenient and digital access to services and financing, you can deliver a superior customer experience and grow. Let's solve the demands of asset finance.

Cleared Derivatives

Modernize your cleared derivatives operation with real-time processing, true STP and a faster ROI – without risk. Because you can't process 10x volumes without flexible tech.

Commercial Lending

What if you could manage all your lending relationships with a single digital platform? Take a sophisticated approach to digital to strengthen relationship banking and open new channels for profit.

Securities Finance

Eliminate inefficiencies to improve top line returns, efficiently utilize inventory across the firm and make better trading decisions. Because you can't maximize returns without monetizing your assets.

Securities Processing

What if you could support the full securities processing life cycle on a single platform? Streamline your operation for a shorter time to market, a lower TCO and greater customer satisfaction.

Let's Solve Corporate and Insurance Challenges

New risks, balance sheet shocks and volatility are adding pressure to processes that are already under strain. From insurance to corporate treasury, collections and more, discover how we help corporations around the world position themselves for growth.

Corporate Treasury

Corporate Treasury

Navigate market volatility and economic uncertainty with powerful yet easy-to-deploy treasury management solutions. Because you can’t trust your treasury if you don't trust your technology.

Credit and Collections

What if you could work smarter and get paid faster? See how AI within a specialized solution is driving improvements and increasing cash flow.

Insurance Risk

What if you didn’t have to compromise on insurance risk? Look beyond the minimum requirements of IFRS 17 and LDTI to find the greater business benefits and prepare your organization for the future.

Let's Solve Risk and Operational Challenges

Market volatility, skyrocketing volumes and new risks are putting even the most sophisticated trading, operational and risk operations under pressure. Explore how our solutions are helping financial services firms and corporations around the world solve the bigger issues.


Reconciliation has come a long way, but its power to mitigate risk and transform operations remains largely held back. But what if your reconciliation was simple, smart and reliable?


What if you could solve multiple regulatory challenges with one partner? Take a surefire, strategic approach to regulation and compliance and solve your regulatory problems.

Risk Management

Banks and asset managers can make complex XVA, SIMM and risk analytics easier and more affordable with Risk as a Service. Because you make better decisions with better insights into risk.


What if your cross-asset trading solution could withstand whatever the future brings? Future-proof your technology ecosystem to lower your total cost of ownership, achieve best execution and grow.

Our Services Help You Achieve Your Goals

The industry is shifting towards a services model, but COVID-19 has proved that the transformation is too incremental. To solve these bigger problems, you need a partner that has the right expertise and capabilities across professional and managed services.

Remote Service Delivery

Our remote service model is just as innovative as our technology.

FIS Managed Services

Our "always on" services ensure you can access your systems anytime from anywhere – even from your new home office.