Brazil’s mobile market is reaching full charge

Ricardo Rezende Dias | Sales Manager, Worldpay

March 06, 2019

Brazil is one of the most exciting economic growth stories of recent times – and eCommerce is certainly playing its part.

Online revenues reached BRL 53,5 billion in 2018; a 12% increase on the previous year.1 Meanwhile the mobile revolution is also in full swing, with the number of orders made via mobile growing significantly in recent years. Both of these factors make Brazil an exciting market option for retailers – but those who succeed will have to be open to innovation, as consumers value advanced customer experiences extremely highly.

In a nation of early adopters, Brazil’s shoppers are happy to try the next big thing. We found local users extremely willing to use biometric security, wearable tech and VR – all in the name of speed and user experience. With this in mind, it comes as no surprise that when shopping on their mobiles, Brazilians prefer apps over mobile websites. 72% of those we asked last used an app to make a purchase, while 28% used a mobile website. This is the biggest majority for apps in all the markets we surveyed. 1

The main reasons provided for this preference were user-friendliness and speed, which both gained 44%. The third most popular reason was that ‘the functionality is better’, with 32%.1 Brazilian shoppers seem ever-willing to take the extra step if it will benefit their user journey, and retailers should meet these demands by offering mobile apps.

We found Brazilian shoppers extremely willing to use biometric security, wearable tech and VR – all in the name of speed and user experience.

It’s not all exciting news though. Brazil is one of the leading countries in the global ranking of online fraud, particularly in the eCommerce environment.2 This explains why 28% of the Brazilian shoppers we surveyed have abandoned a purchase due to security concerns in the last twelve months. That was our biggest global total by far, and is 11% higher than the global average.1

To reassure users, consider placing digital security logos on both apps and mobile websites. Just 6% of Brazilians said they wouldn’t expect to see them on either medium – our lowest response in all the markets we surveyed. Meanwhile 71% said they would expect to see security logos on an app, which was our highest global total. 1

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1 Worldpay: The Mobile Payment Journey: Brazil

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