Card machines for small businesses


July 08, 2019

We live in an increasingly cash-free society. In fact, the latest stats reveal that UK consumers spent over £647 billion on credit and debit card purchases in 2016. Industry reports suggest that figure is only going to grow as shoppers increasingly come to value the convenience and security of payment cards versus cash. So, what does this mean for your business?

A great way of driving growth and profits is to provide customers with as much choice as possible to pay the way they want to. Worldpay offers a variety of card terminals to suit your business. But with so much choice, it can be confusing knowing where to start.

Which type of card machine is suitable for my business?

Worldpay’s card terminals come in three types: mobile, countertop and portable. The type you need will depend on what sort of business you run and how you like to take payments.

  • Countertop card machines are suitable for most types of business, including retailers, stationary shops, convenience stores, grocers, restaurants and cafes. As the name suggests, they’ll enable you to take fast, secure payments over the counter at fixed locations.
  • Portable card machines allow you to empower staff to take payments around your premises. You might want to do so to reduce queues at the till and/or to improve the customer experience. The device comes with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Mobile card machines are ideal for businesses on the move. You might be a tradesman, a delivery business, or need to take payments at occasional outside events. As long as there’s mobile coverage, you can accept payments.

The value of contactless payments

Contactless payments are an easy way to reduce queues and improve the customer experience by offering shoppers more choice to pay they want to. There are several options:

  • Contactless cards allow users to “tap and pay”.
  • Apple Pay allows users to pay by holding their iPhone near the terminal.
  • Android Pay allows users to pay by holding their Android smartphone near the terminal, up to £100.
  • Samsung Pay allows users to pay by holding their Samsung smartphone near the terminal.

Additional functionality on card machines

Additional features may be available via the MENU button including:

  • Gratuities — allowing customers to leave a tip when paying.
  • Pre-authorisation — which are used mainly by hotels at check-in. This secures funds on the card but does not process a transaction.
  • Duplicate receipt — enables you to print off a copy of the last printed receipt.
  • Mail/telephone order — allows you to accept payments made by phone or mail.

Have questions? We're here to help. Reach out to us to learn more about card machines for your business.  


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