How to boost your social media channels


September 03, 2019

In the world of social media, engagement is king. In 2018, almost two thirds of marketers said that increasing audience engagement was crucial for their social marketing strategy. So, how do you boost engagement?

Post regularly
Maintaining a regular and consistent schedule is a key element of any social media strategy, it ensures that there is always fresh, reliably posted content for followers to consume and pleases the social media networks.  Their algorithms are shrouded in mystery, but it’s almost universally agreed that they favour accounts who post good content consistently. Chances are, if you’re a regular poster, your content will end up being seen by more people.

Engage with your community
The best brands understand that the great power of social media is its ability to connect people with others all over the world, united by a shared passion. If you want them to engage with you, show that you’re just as excited to engage with them. If they post positive comments, thank them and ask a follow-up question and build a dialogue. Replying to lots of comments might be time-consuming, but that level of social engagement is definitely worth the effort.

Address negative feedback
Part of engaging with your community means taking the bad with the good. No one likes seeing negative comments on their social feed, but you can’t control the fact that eventually, someone will not be satisfied. No company has ever managed to please every single person that comes through its door. Take immediate and positive efforts to solve their problem, starting by asking them to direct message you with more details. This takes things out of the public eye and opens a private stream of communication. Once the issue is resolved it can actually be beneficial to leave the comment visible with an edit explaining that you successfully resolved their problem. It tells potential customers that their satisfaction matters.

Of course, none of the above matters if what you’re posting isn’t actually up to par. Your followers want content that provides them with value, that’s worth the time that they put into interacting with you, your brand and your content. Whether its entertainment, interesting tidbits, useful advice or an inside look at your industry, the foundation of your social media should be great content.