How to take card payments over the phone


July 15, 2018

UK SMEs need to make the most of every available opportunity to grow their business and boost profits. One business “no-brainer” that should not be forgotten in the rush to accept online, contactless, and smartphone payments, is orders over the phone.

Although comprising a relatively small proportion (around 9%) of total spend, phone sales still represent a valuable opportunity for SMEs. In fact, consumers made 384 million mail and telephone order (MOTO) payments by debit card in 2016, spending a massive £48 billion in the process.

The challenge for SMEs accepting MOTO payments is doing so in a secure, reliable and hassle-free manner. That’s where Worldpay’s Virtual Terminal can help.

Introducing Virtual Terminal

Virtual Terminal offers a secure, easy way to take payments over the phone using just a web interface.

  • Retailers can use Virtual Terminal to take telephone payments whilst freeing-up card machines and staff in-store
  • Office-based sales staff can take payments with ease over the telephone direct from their desks
  • Mail order and website-based businesses can use Virtual Terminal instead of a card machine

How it works

Using Virtual Terminal is simple, with no “tricky” technical set-up required. All you need is a secure internet connection and a web browser. Here’s how it works:

  1. Log in to the Worldpay Business Manager portal to manage your payments
  2. Enter your customer’s details into the secure payments page — including card data, address, order description
  3. Click Submit Transaction and the payment is processed

Helping your business to grow

Virtual Terminal helps you maximise profits by enabling your business to accept phone purchases. It also allows you to be far more efficient with your resources — for example, ensuring that staff and card machines aren’t tied up unnecessarily on phone orders when there are paying customers waiting to be served in-store.

Real-time online reporting helps you keep track of payments, and also offers the ability to “drill down” into transactions to view customer order history.

You can also minimise costs by having multiple users on one account, and a 24/7 UK phone support helpline is available to assist with any difficulties.  


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