Speed up with Worldpay Dashboard

November 13, 2019

​​​Worldpay Dashboard gives you instant, up-to-the-minute access to all your card transaction data, but we appreciate that sometimes you may need to call and speak to someone.

​​​We know your time is precious so we’re always trying to make it quicker for you to get through and talk to one of our agents. That’s why we’ve introduced automated Identification and Verification - or IDV, for short.

​​​All this means is that you use the keys on your phone to get through the security process before being connected to an agent.

​​​Because our agents don’t have to take you through security, they get more time to spend doing what they do best - helping you.

Why we need this information

​​​Keeping your account secure is top priority for us. Asking these questions is our way of making sure you are who you say you are. We don’t want to hand over sensitive information about your business to the wrong person. You wouldn’t want us to either.

Once you’re through to us

​​​From the moment you’re through security and talking to an agent, they’ll have all your account information on the screen in front of them. They’ll be able to get straight down to business – giving you the information you need or helping you solve your query.

Don’t worry about messing it up

​​​We all suffer from finger-fumble from time to time but don’t worry about failing the security process. If you get it wrong three times we won’t lock you out – we’ll pass you over to an agent who will help guide you through.

Need help?

  • Your Worldpay Dashboard is at
  • Or call our Customer Services team anytime on 0345 761 62 63. Make sure you have:
    • Your Merchant ID number
    • The last four digits of your settlement account number
    • The sort code of your settlement account number

Introducting Autorecs

​​​Instant end-of-day totals over the phone

​​​If all you need is an end-of-day total, here’s great news: you can now get it instantly by phone with Autorecs.

​​​With Autorecs there’s no need to wait for one of our agents to become free. Just dial in, tap in your account details, enter the date you want, and Autorecs will tell you the figure.

​​​You can ask for end-of-day totals for any date during the past two weeks.

How to use Autorecs

  • Call 0345 761 62 63
  • Choose options 1, 4, and 1 when prompted