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Worldpay Online Payments – Telephone Lines Case Study

April 16, 2020

One of the things we love at Worldpay is getting to know our customers’ businesses so we can help them to grow. From huge online enterprises to the nichest of the niche, we’re payment partners to every kind of company you can think of – and quite a few that you can’t.

For example, take a guess at what Malcolm Percival’s company does, based on his farm nestling amid the splendour of Devon’s Exmoor National Park. It will probably take you quite a few tries before you stumble upon the answer: Europe’s largest dealer of antique and specialist telephones.

Take a virtual trip into yesterday’s telephony by visiting and you won’t be disappointed. From the “skeleton telephone” of the late 19th century (Malcolm’s personal favourite) to candlesticks of the 1920s, elegant 50s Bakelite, to groovy 1960s objects d’art and beyond. You can even buy a telephone kiosk (we know you’re curious – for anything from £300 to £3,000).

Malcolm’s customers are all over the world, so it’s vital that they are able to pay easily regardless of where they’re based. By using Worldpay Online Payments – which accepts payments in no fewer than 116 of the world’s currencies – Malcolm can be confident they can.

Worldpay Online Payments

  • Helps your business grow by giving your customers more ways to pay
  • Accept payments:
    • Through your website
    • By smartphone, using a virtual terminal
    • Via links on your email invoices
  • Accept all major credit and debit cards
  • We give you access to a range of fraud-screening tools
  • Choose how to integrate your website with our payment gateway by whatever means best suits your business

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Telephone Lines have been trading in antique, retro, designer, kiosks and fun telephones for almost 50 years and it all started by accident. Malcolm’s lodger at the time didn’t have enough money to pay the rent and offered Malcolm an old telephone in lieu of the cash. By doing so, he ignited a passion which still burns fiercely in Malcolm today.


And it wasn’t always about looking backwards. Malcolm’s company was at the very vanguard of telephony when the telecommunications industry was deregulated in the 1980s. During this telecoms boom, Malcolm’s company got into the business of selling telephone systems. “We were only the second company to get approval for a cordless telephone,” Malcolm recalls. “Only BT was ahead of us.”

Today, he’s enjoying a more “dialled down” pace of life and is back to the core business of selling collectable telephones. Instead of the 40 people he once employed, there’s just him and his engineer, Mike.

With landlines increasingly overlooked in the age of mobile phones, Malcolm’s business is now very much aimed at niche markets – renting handsets to film companies, selling to collectors around the world (Australia and Spain are enthusiast hotspots, for some reason), supplying parts, and carrying out repairs.

If you’re inclined to dismiss old phones as “museum pieces” you’re actually overlooking one of Malcolm’s increasingly core customer segments: “We recently sent consignments to the Morocco Telephone Museum in Rabat and the Lascaris War Rooms in Valetta, Malta,” he reveals.

His relationship with Worldpay began just a few years ago. Malcom felt his previous provider became too focused on large enterprises and lost interest in small businesses.

Malcolm was also surprised that the process of moving payments provider to Worldpay was surprisingly painless.

So, would he recommend Worldpay to other online businesses? “I would,” he says. “In fact, I often do.”

Our grateful thanks to Malcolm Percival

Telephone Lines Higher Tippacott Farm, Brendon, Devon EX35 6PU

01598 741343 •

Telephone Lines uses Worldpay Online Payments

  • Integrated fraud screening system with alert system
  • Easily refund customers
  • Manage your transactions and invoices through an online portal
  • Accept payments in over 116 currencies
  • Setup recurring payments and subscription-based payment plans for your customer
  • Take email and phone payments

Flexible integration options:

Hosted pay page

  • Link your online shopping basket to a Worldpay-hosted payment page by inserting a simple piece of code
  • Makes your website PCI DSS compliant
  • Quick and easy – ideal for new businesses
  • No high-level technical knowledge required

Integrated payment page

  • Ideal for businesses that wish to take card details from their own website
  • Control of the customer experience and page design
  • Merchants will be required to meet PCI DSS standards

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