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P2PE Whitepaper


September 26, 2019

What it is and why it’s important

In an increasingly technology-led world, protecting consumer data is more critical than ever. With more data passing between different systems and programmes, it’s of little surprise that data breaches have increased over the past few years.

The payment industry is always developing new ways to help protect businesses and their customers. One of the principal security developments in recent years is point-to-point encryption, or P2PE, which removes clear text data from an organization’s network to help secure payments from the point of sale through authorisation.


What is P2PE?

P2PE encrypts cardholder data from the point of payment to the solution provider’s secure environment, where it is then decrypted.

Why was it created?

P2PE was developed to counter the increase in data breaches involving unencrypted card data. P2PE removes clear text data from a business’ network with a secure encryption process in which each transaction is created using a unique key.

Why should I care about P2PE?

It’s critical for businesses to ensure that cardholder information is protected in an ever more challenging commercial environment. Many businesses have looked at P2PE to strengthen the security of their environment. It offers businesses a recognised solution that provides the reassurance that cardholder data is protected end-to-end, helping reduce the costs and complexities of meeting PCI DSS.

What are the benefits?

  • Better security with greater reassurance
  • Simplified PCI DSS compliance process
  •  Peace of mind through a managed service


P2PE Whitepaper

Find out more about what you need to consider before you choose a P2PE solution.