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Eight Ways Gift Cards Can Benefit Your Business

As online shopping and global e-commerce reshape the retail industry, digital offerings have propelled the popularity of gift card programs. No matter the size of your business, a modern gift card program can be easy and affordable to implement.

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Do You Understand the Future of Commerce?

Learn why payments are at the centre of your business success moving forward and get tips on eliminating sales barriers, cultivating customer loyalty and more in the 2021 Small Business Performance Against Customer Expectations (PACE) report. Available exclusively from Worldpay from FIS®, the latest report reveals trends, statistics and insights specifically for small businesses to help them rebound after the challenges of 2020. The annual PACE report is based on proprietary research involving 1,000 small- and midsize businesses in the UK.

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Supporting Small Businesses in the UK This December

Get involved and help make a positive impact on all small businesses by hosting events and offering discounts to your customers.

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