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Say goodbye to traditional financing with funding perfectly tailored to your business. Get a no-obligation quote in as little as 5 minutes – and it won't affect your credit score.*

*Your credit score in unaffected when obtaining a quote. Taking out a Business Cash Advance may affect credit score.
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Business funding that’s on your side

It takes money to grow a business. Whether you are looking to purchase stock, hire staff, or expand facilities, Worldpay Business Finance provides fast, flexible finance options.


One straightforward funding fee, with no APR or interest.


Repayment aligns with your cash flow so you can plan for the future.

What is business cash advance and how does it work?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I qualify?


Merchants must be a Worldpay customer in order to receive financing. Other criteria also applicable, including but not limited to:

  • A minimum of £1000 card payments processed per month
  • A minimum of 10 transactions processed per month
  • A minimum of 4 months’ statement history

How much does it cost?


With Worldpay Business Finance, you only have a single funding fee, determined by:

  • Your card taking history
  • The repayment percentage that suits your business
  • The total of funding you select

Use the online tool to find your personalised quote .

How do I pay it back?


Firstly, you agree a percentage of your daily card takings that go towards paying the advance. These are then automatically deducted when you have sales through Worldpay. For periods when you don't have sales, no payments are made towards the advance. This way payments work in line with your cash flow.

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