Customer FAQs

Base rate and PTC changes

Why are my Merchant Service Charge fees changing?


Following recent card scheme changes announced recently by Visa, some of the fees that you pay are changing.

Why are there changes to certain premium transactions?


Due to commitments made by Mastercard and Visa, interchange fees for Inter-Regional fees will be capped. Customers may therefore see a reduction in cost for processing these types of transactions.

When will these changes take effect?


Your new fee structure will apply from 1st December 2019 and you will see these changes detailed in your December invoice, delivered the first week in January 2020.

How will this change affect me?


The extent of the change will depend on your individual transaction profile – i.e. the volume and average transaction value of the cards you process.

Terms and Conditions

Why have my Terms & Conditions changed?


We have updated our terms to reflect recent changes in law and regulation, developments in how we deliver products and services, terms applicable to new products and services and your obligations relating to these.

When will these changes take effect from?


Your new Terms and Conditions will take effect from 1st December 2019 and will replace all previous versions.