Decision Solutions for ID and Fraud

Stop new account fraud in its tracks with our comprehensive, advanced suite of identity verification solutions

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The fraud prevention and identity verification solutions for efficiency

With new account fraud and account takeover fraud on the rise, let FIS Decision Solutions ID and Fraud suite help your institution make sound account opening decisions and save investigative time.

A built-in alert management system efficiently centralizes identity-related fraud mitigation activities. The fraud identity management suite automates real-time identity authentication and verification and aids in compliance with government-required screenings. The powerful tools in the fraud prevention and identity verification suite help you stay in front of risk by stopping criminals before they can wreak havoc.

FIS can help

Automatically authenticate and verify customer identification information.

Reduce fraud losses before they occur

Detect and eliminate new account fraud and account takeover fraud efforts

Provide faster service while reducing customer friction

Automatically authenticate and verify applicants’ identities to welcome new customers with confidence

Save time and boost efficiency

Spend less time on investigative tasks while safely providing speedy service to customers

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Verifies the safety and accuracy of customer account profile changes to help combat account takeover fraud (ATO), a skyrocketing problem that threatens financial institutions and their customers

Reduce operational risk within a highly secure system
Boost growth and increase efficiencies
Support all commercial credit servicing tasks in one solution
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Adapts to new account fraud (NAF) schemes as fast as criminals conceive them, using scorecards that zero in on activity and behaviors that could result in loss

Enhance customer satisfaction and retention
Improve visibility into potential trouble spots
Streamline processes and reduce your TCO
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Authenticates identity by generating an interactive, multiple choice, knowledge-based questionnaire customized with applicants’ personal information

Make smarter account-opening decisions
Process customer requests faster
Cost-effective, automated ID authentication
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Captures consumer identity inconsistencies and screens against OFAC and other government lists

Supports U.S. Patriot Act, OFAC and CIP regulations
Reduces a time-consuming task
Helps you know your customer
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Screens your consumers and businesses against OFAC lists and other government watch lists, and provides an immediate pass or fail response

Screening for known watch list targets
Strengthens risk management
Integrates easily into other ChexSystems products
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Provides a single, holistic view of the individual’s identity, allowing you to reduce sluggish manual approval tasks and lower fraud without interfering with account growth.

Consolidate multiple vendor solutions
Break down operational silos
Make account opening fast and easy
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these products meant to be used separately or together to verify consumer identity and help mitigate fraud?


While our products work great alone, layering some or all of our ID and fraud products provides added fraud detection for your institution.

Is there a Decision Solutions product that addresses synthetic identity fraud?


Yes, Synthetic Index is an add-on to our ID Verification solution and is created to address synthetic, manipulated and stolen identities.

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