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Ethos™ CECL View

The fastest, easiest way to meet CECL compliance requirements

As the new CECL standard takes effect, many institutions are still unsure how to begin preparing for the complexity of assembling data from different sources, tracking lending portfolio changes across multiple systems, creating risk default predictive models, and operationalizing new reserve requirements. We realize the serious concern CECL requirements create for clients. That’s why FIS has partnered with experts to bring our clients an exclusive, streamlined solution that is easy to use, affordable, and provided by trusted names in the industry.

You Don’t Need Another Expensive, Risky Data Project

CECL View eliminates the heavy lifting for your institution by tapping into existing data sources to deliver a turnkey reporting solution.

Affordable Solution to a Costly Problem

piggybank Building new in-house systems only taxes your team and introduces risk. Stay focused on other things and protect your productivity, all for the cost of a single employee.

On-time Guidance, Over Time

clock Sophisticated modeling keeps loan loss reserves current with default expectations across the life of your portfolio.

Support You Can Trust

chat Reports include a self-service guide to help you understand how to approach updating your balance sheet, risk profile and pricing, as well as documentation needed for auditors.

CECL View provides user-friendly features, including:

Easy to use report content – CECL View includes comprehensive consumer default risk modeling across your portfolio, as well as useful information such as a playbook to help you formulate an approach to implementing new loan loss reserve requirements while minimizing the impact to your business.

Based on an industry-leading BI tool – This quarterly report includes a snapshot of predicted required loan loss reserves consistent with CECL, using a common set of macro-economic inputs alongside your specific loan and borrower data. It leverages a BI sandbox where your portfolio is aggregated with third-party data and is enhanced by advanced predictive modeling capabilities.

Automates visibility into portfolio changes – Your loans and default risk profiles are dynamic. CECL View provides continuous insight into corresponding reserve levels as new loans are issued and existing loans are paid off, written off or recovered.