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Loyalty Data Pack

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Advance Your Loyalty Program with Data-Powered Insights

Insights from data are crucial in delivering on your customers’ evolving expectations. Ethos™ Analytics with the Loyalty Data Pack provides access to easy-to-use KPI dashboards derived from the most critical metrics needed for a successful loyalty program. Quickly answer business questions and understand your customers’ behavior and preferences with program data at your fingertips.

Ethos Analytics works with Ethos data packs, distinct sets of unified data. Dashboards and data models designed by industry experts provide the answers you need from data to become a truly data-driven business. Start maximizing your investment right away with personalized workshops and training customized to your team and your Ethos data packs.


Expertly Manage Your Loyalty Program

Rich Data Sets

Executive dashboards with instant insight into trends and analysis.

  • 19 data tables
  • Drill-down to cardholder account level detail
  • All daily and monthly files including account, transaction, scoring and redemption data
  • History from January 2019
  • Powerful query capabilities to create ad hoc and custom visualizations and reports

Make Data-driven Decisions

Access and manage KPIs from a single user interface.

  • Analyze how members are redeeming available points, identify what redemption categories are popular, reduce redemption cost
  • Understand your liability position for adequate balance between reserves and program participation
  • See where your customers are using your card and create targeted promotions to increase interchange income and overall spending

Enhance Your Relationship

Make better decisions based on behavior and program data.

  • Adapt promotions and catalog options to meet evolving customer expectations
  • Connect new and relevant incentives to the right customers at the right time for maximum engagement
  • Interact with customers intelligently to drive spending to their card and generate additional revenue
  • Create a new experience that can have a meaningful impact

Data Pack Highlights

The Loyalty Data Pack is a defined data set exported out of the Online Loyalty Manager platform that receives transactions, validates eligibility criteria and issues rewards based on program rules

Designed by Experts

KPIs and intuitive visualizations designed by experts help you instantly understand trends and refine and improve your program to ensure profitability

Analytics Made Accessible

Single analytics tool provides access to data insights to multiple user personas, ranging from business executive to program manager to data analyst

Enhance Engagement

Create impactful relationship engagement strategies that help deliver on expectations of personalization, immediacy and ease of redemption