SoftPOS for frictionless checkout

Turn point-of-sale into wherever-customers-are-sale.

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Are biometrics the future of commerce?

With biometric authentication and POS system integration, it won’t be long until biometrics are the new normal.

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Less contact, more sales

After this past year, consumer demand skyrocketed for contactless payments by card and digital wallet.

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"From an integration standpoint, having a payment processing relationship with Worldpay from FIS® has been very convenient. Its breadth in the industry really helps, because the companies we're working with already have a Worldpay relationship."

– Bora Dincer, VP of Technology, Jamba Juice

SoftPOS: The evolution of POS

Download the SoftPOS app and turn your NFC-enabled Android mobile devices into payment acceptance engines.

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Grow your business or reduce costs?

No need to choose. With Biller Solutions, both are possible.

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Take payments anywhere on premises

Card Reader

Ideal for restaurants, cafes and pubs. The terminal connects to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and accepts contactless payments, as well as credit and debit cards.

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Power your business

Payment Terminals

A common, simple-to-use way to accept payments. There are a wide variety of types to choose from including stand-alone, mobile and smart terminals.

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Worldpay Total

Simple and secure payments through all channels.

Countertop Card Machines

Easy, efficient and safe payment technology that allows multiple payment methods, including contactless, quickly and securely.

Mobile Card Machines

Process all payment types throughout your premises or out and about. Sales, cashback, refunds and even gratuities can all be processed at the touch of a button.

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Begin processing payments today from any location

Transaction fee Mastercard and Visa Card transactions
Up front and auth fees and no premium charges

Available to customers with annual card turnover less than £300k. Contact us for custom pricing if your annual card turnover is more than £300k. FIS®, Worldpay® and any associated brand names and logos are the trademarks of FIS and/or its affiliates. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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Global Innovation Report 2023

Businesses face growing uncertainties, but with the right plan in place, you can turn them into opportunities. Embrace innovation to gain an edge.

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