Exemption Engine

Protect your revenue and offer a frictionless checkout with our strong customer authentication solution

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Don’t Let Chargebacks Get You Down

Worldpay Disputes Defender, powered by Chargebacks911, is your answer to managing costly and time consuming chargebacks. Let's let you focus on your top priority— running, growing your business.

How FIS Empowers Exemptions from Strong Customer Authentication

Enable a frictionless checkout with PSD2 exemptions from strong customer authentication

Improve the User Experience by Maximizing Exemptions

Minimize friction at checkout by avoiding stepping up to 3DS2 where possible

Reduce Fraud and Risk by Leveraging Transaction Data

Keep false positives and fraud rates to a minimum with a PSD2 SCA solution

Simplify Service and Avoid Additional Authentication Costs

Save money by utilizing exemptions and employing a single integration for end-to-end service

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