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Data That Fuels Business Growth

Pazien provides the payments analysis you need to discover growth opportunities for your business. Automated reports let you spend less time crunching numbers and more time optimizing performance.

All your payments data, in one place

A global view, custom reports, exportable data, and actionable insights help you make the most out of payments. Identify dips in approval rates for specific countries, drill into chargebacks to reduce fraud and processing errors, spot sales spikes to maximize revenue, reconcile from the platform, and more

Easy, cross-provider reporting

Pazien connects to your provider reports and delivers all data in one interactive format so you can compare performance

No IT effort

Pazien aggregates data on your behalf, so there’s no coding or setup effort on your side

Powerful information at a glance

Daily visual analytics allow you to filter and pivot data, and set customized email alerts based on your KPIs