Digital Banking – The Always Connected Customer

The 2018 FIS PACE report revealed that 72 percent of all customer interactions with a bank now take place online or on a mobile device. Digital solutions are paramount to a financial institution’s ability to drive sustainable organic revenue growth, maintain relevance among key segments, grow relationships, attract new customers, and keep them active and engaged.

To meet consumers’ expectations for a truly seamless experience, financial institutions must offer a fully integrated, customer-centric digital experience that provides access, security and convenience across multiple channels.

See how a financial institution’s digital capabilities keep pace with one millennial couple. View Maria and Miguel’s Journey.

Infographic Boosting the Lifetime Value of Mobile Banking Customers

Boosting the Lifetime Value of Mobile Banking Customers

To deliver best-in-class digital experiences, financial institutions must offer a robust set of digital features that keep pace with customers’ evolving demands for connectivity. Given that 53 percent of retail bank IT executives intend to adopt new or replace existing online and mobile banking technology before 2021, financial institutions must equip themselves with the latest digital innovations to secure their competitive advantage.

The payoff for financial institutions who invest in these capabilities: a more valuable customer relationship. See what FIS’ industry research reveals about the economic drivers behind mobile banking and the impact it has on the value of customer relationships.

Mobile Features and Engagement – The Power of Lift

The value your financial institution sees from its mobile app depends on its relevance to your customers’ lives. Read how features, like mobile deposit capture, and newer technologies, like person-to-person payments (P2P), benefit your bottom line when incorporated into your mobile banking app.

Report Mobile Features and Engagement – The Power of Lift
Whitepaper A Must Read – Banking on Analytics and the Power of Big Data

A Must Read – Banking on Analytics and the Power of Big Data

Data analytics is key to understanding customer behaviors to grow revenue through well-designed products and targeted cross-selling. Learn how you can put the power of big data in your financial institution’s corner.

Infographic ZOOM! FIS Brings Zelle to Tens of Thousands of New Users Every Day
Ebook Aligning Growth Strategies to Customer Aspirations

Aligning Growth Strategies to Customer Aspirations

Nearly 65 percent of millennials and 51 percent of Gen Xers expect to have a major life event that will impact their finances in the next three years. Banks that offer education and support to customers in planning and aspirational phases of financial journeys, like buying a home, develop the trust and loyalty necessary to be customers’ first choice when the time arrives.

Learn more about FIS Personal Finance powered by MX.

Mobile is the Main Branch

As the overall 2018 PACE results show, Digital Self-service is a high priority for consumers under the age of 53. Learn how card usage and engagement increases when you give customers full control of their banking cards with the FIS Mobile Wallet.

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