FIS Modern Banking Platform

Modernize your bank or launch and scale a new bank with a next generation digital core banking platform

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A Core Banking Modernization Solution with Speed, Connectivity and a World-class Partner

With support for all bank and fintech types, Modern Banking Platform is the FIS® response to the digital age. This all-new, innovative next-generation core is built on 50 years of fintech experience. FIS Modern Banking Platform is cloud-enabled, componentized, open and secure – a modernization solution designed with API-first functionality that puts you in control. Plug-and-play components build the retail and commercial bank you need today with the flexibility and speed needed to innovate into the future.

How FIS Empowers Core Banking

Digital Banking from every angle, when and how your customers want it

Differentiate with FIS’ Digitally Enabled, End-to-end Modern Banking System

Achieve strategic success though incremental modernization, and adopt a DevOps approach

Cloud-capable – Harness the Power of Real-time Data

Deploy a cloud-based digital platform to deliver experiences as good as – or better than – your most nimble competitors

Relieve Regulatory Hurdles with an Adaptable Compliance Engine

Be compliant on day one and keep pace with regulatory change – guaranteed – while leading the pack and operating within your risk appetite
Financial Futures

Banking’s Digital Transformation

In season 5 of Financial Futures, FIS® experts explore banking's digital transformation and what this trend actually means for banks, consumers and communities.