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PaymentsEdge delivers data-driven insights that maximize your card marketing and revenue

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Elevate Awareness and Differentiate Your Card Portfolio Advisory & Marketing Services

You need effective card portfolio advisory and marketing services to proactively increase revenue without increasing the burden on your staff or bottom line.

Stay in front and gain a new competitive edge with an industry-leading card marketing service, PaymentsEdge. Drive more market share with data- focused reporting and actionable strategies.

How FIS Empowers Your Card Marketing

Innovate to differentiate with FIS PaymentsEdge

Smart Portfolio Growth

Target specific actionable revenue growth areas and generate brand awareness

Measurable Results

Increase revenue with clear, actionable insights from premium intelligence and payments-focused data science

Expert Guidance

Identify opportunities with unique data sets and connections throughout the payment ecosystem

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Enjoy a competitive advantage with industry insights and leading perspectives delivered to you as you wake up.