FIS Adaptiv

Take command of your front-office risk

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Market-leading Calculations and Market Data Risk that Empower the Front Office

FIS™ Adaptiv’s solutions for the front office help investment banks and broker-dealers quickly and accurately calculate XVA and initial margin, as well as addressing their market data risk.

FIS Can Help

Transform data and statistics for advanced risk calculations

Rely on Industry-leading XVA Calculations

Compete in the XVA arms race without spending huge sums on quantitative teams, data modeling and model validation

Get in Front of the Initial Margin Challenge

Validate both sides of the margin and understand your results and the full cost of derivative trades

Steer the Firm Towards Sustainable Profitability

Choose our risk-as-a-service option to outsource the workload and concentrate on growth

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FIS™ Adaptiv Initial Margin

Adaptiv Initial Margin calculates, prices and stresses IM on your behalf. Built on our Adaptiv Analytics simulation and pricing engine, the solution delivers high-performance simulations.

Reduces trading costs
Ensures reliable IM calculations
Manages liquidity risks
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FIS™ Adaptiv XVA

Adaptiv’s patented technology radically speeds up XVA sensitivity calculation without rewriting the models, combining high performance with broad product coverage.

Generates unlimited sensitivities for a fixed cost
Integrates XVA calculations with credit risk management
Provides documentation and diagnostics to open the “black box”
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