Lead the future of your business with Ethos™:
the comprehensive fintech data ecosystem from FIS


Ethos™ Analyst Library

Gain On-demand Access to the Best Industry Research, Surveys and Insights

How do you keep eyes on the industry while staying focused on your business? You could hire industry experts, but you’ve looked at those costs and there never seems to be enough room in the budget. Ethos realizes that to make the best decisions for your business, you need the best information. FIS has entered into a long-term partnership to provide you affordable access to unmatched insights into the market. We’ve brought the industry experts to you with over 100 reports a year, custom market surveys that give you the pulse of the market, and a competitive edge.

Keep Your Pulse on the Industry

Get the latest on-demand intelligence about how consumers and businesses are feeling

Industry-leading Research at Your Fingertips

Give your institution an advantage with direct access to the best insights available in the market. Understand market performance, benchmarks, and gain world-class analysis

Understand Consumer Sentiment

Strengthen every business decision with market sentiment and base your decisions on real consumer and business feedback from targeted surveys

Create Better Customer Experiences

Great experiences only come with great data. Put your institution ahead of your competitors by getting priceless insights about what really resonates with customers

Unmatched Insights into Everything Payments

Direct Surveys from Consumers and Businesses – Enable true insights from the North American PaymentsInsights, European PaymentsInsights, Small Business PaymentsInsights, and Buyer PaymentsInsights panels.

Deep Industry Research – Increase your knowledge in the key financial service verticals of: Debit & Alternative Products, Credit, Prepaid, Commercial & Enterprise Payments, Emerging Technologies, and Merchant Services.

Expert Insights You Can Trust – With over 350+ combined years of experience behind every survey and research report, you are getting expert analysis that will guide your decision making with practical market intelligence.