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Ethos™ Pinpoint

Transactional data helps you gain customer insights

Leveraging your clean, tagged data, we help you deeply understand your customers and where you can best grow with them. Combining analysis of their transactions with an overview of their adoption and utilization of products, we give you the full picture of your customers, without ever receiving personally identifiable information.

Insights That Address Your Most Critical Initiatives

Customer onboarding, competitive analysis, marketing and personalization, business intelligence, product/service portfolio evolution, increasing products per customer, increasing operational efficiencies, other innovation.

Find Opportunities

11 percent of your customers have HELOCs with a little-known competitor.

Gain Insights

communicate Expanding your ATM footprint to a specific location-based customer’s shopping preferences.

Add Value

Discover which rewards programs will best incentivize your customers.

Using Customer Insights to Improve Customer Experience

Inform Relationship Managers – CRM solutions often contain only data about the products customers have with the FI and how they utilize those products. Customer Insights can provide info about your customers’ held-away assets and merchant preferences, revealing their life events and financial needs.

Feeds Data Modeling – Predicting and preventing customers from moving into a collections status can save significant time and money for all parties. However, this requires a breadth and depth of data. Pinpoint’s robust and structured insights taxonomy provides an extensive data set your modelers can use to test the predictability of various customer insights to build data modelers.

Enhance Marketing Automation Targeting and Personalization – Customers now expect personalized experiences from every interaction. A depth of customer insights is required to make informed recommendations at the right time. Pinpoint Key Lifestyle Indicators (KLIs) provide insights about your customers that span all aspects of their financial behaviors. Use KLIs to trigger and personalize every interaction with your customers.