So Money podcast - The future of payments and consumer finance

Contact Expert: Nicole Jass

Nicole Jass, FIS Senior Vice President of Product, sat down with Farnoosh Torabi on the So Money podcast to talk about the future of payments and the consumer finance world.

Last year saw some of the most monumental shifts in the way consumers pay and spend. In the podcast, Nicole and Farnoosh discuss some of these behaviors and new consumer trends using data from the FIS Global Payments Report, and touch on the implications and longevity of these new habits in a digital age.

Nicole and Farnoosh also discuss how decline in cash and shift away from in-person transactions doesn’t mean the outright end of brick-and-mortar locations, but does mean merchants and retailers of all size need to lean into consumer choice and personalized experiences at every point of the customer journey.

The future of payments is defined by one key concept; adaptability, and as we head into the next decade, Nicole shares her predictions for the future of fintech, payments, and the way the world with shop and pay in the year 2030.

You can listen to the full podcast here.

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