FIS and Brexit

Since the announcement of the Brexit referendum results in 2016, FIS’ experts have been closely monitoring the progress of the negotiations, possible terms of the separation, as well as the timing and potential impacts.

FIS Brexit Taskforce

Immediately following the 2016 referendum, FIS mobilized a Brexit taskforce comprised of senior executives and subject matter experts. The objective of the taskforce is to monitor the Brexit negotiations, and identify and manage any risks to FIS and our service to clients.

Our key focus areas include:

  • Regulatory Structure
  • Data Protection
  • Commitment to Client Excellence

Commitment to Excellent Service and Keeping You Informed

FIS is dedicated to maintaining excellent, consistent service to our clients always, and especially during any period of change triggered by Brexit. We are also committed to keeping you informed as negotiations continue and details are finalized.

In certain agreements between FIS and its clients there may be a reference to the respective terms “European Union” (or “EU”), “EU Member States”, or “European Economic Area” (or “EEA”). When included in the contracts, such terms were intended to include the United Kingdom (or “UK”) where applicable. As of the effective date of Brexit and until further notice from FIS, those terms shall continue to be understood to include the UK as if the UK were expressly mentioned.