Instructions for Biometric Setup and Login

  1. For the smoothest setup in CIO Mobile, please ensure that your device has its biometric capabilities turned on and that a fingerprint or faceprint is set up. Apple iOS users can set up Touch ID (fingerprint) or Face ID (faceprint) on supported devices.

    Android users can set up whichever biometric their device manufacturer supports. For example, please see instructions for setting up biometrics on the Google Pixel.

Biometric Setup Process 1
  1. Log in to CIO Mobile (version 2.5.0 or greater) using your FNFIS credentials.

Biometric Setup Process 2
  1. With a fresh login, you will be prompted to enable biometrics. Select "Enable Biometrics".

Biometric Setup Process 3
  1. Enter your password and verify it. Your biometric (fingerprint or faceprint) will become tied to your password.

Biometric Setup Process 4
  1. Put your fingerprint on the reader or scan your face when prompted to complete the set up.

Biometric Setup Process 5
  1. On future logins, you will see this prompt.

Biometric Setup Process 6
  1. Alternatively, if you skipped biometric setup when prompted automatically, you can turn it on from the side menu once you have logged into the app. Look for "Biometric Authentication" under "Settings". Select "On".

Biometric Setup Process 7
  1. Hit "Sign Out" in the prompt to successfully complete the set up process outlined from steps 2-5.