Instructions for Downloads from Personal  Devices & Heritage-Worldpay Corporate Managed Devices

Intune Instruction 1
  1. Visit and hit the button that reads "Microsoft InTune Company Portal". This lead user to another page in their mobile web browser.

Intune Instruction 2
  1. Enter your FIS email address and hit "Next". You will then be asked to decide if you want to "Stay signed in".

Intune Instruction 3
  1. Enter your password on the screen with the FIS logo at the top.

Intune Instruction 4
  1. After successfully signing in, you will see details on the app. Hit "Install".

Intune Instruction 5
  1. Respond to the prompt. Hit "Install" if you would like to begin the install.

Intune Instruction 6
  1. The app will appear on your home screen and you will be able to launch it when the install finishes.