Client Story

Delivering Scale and a Seamless Mobile Banking Experience for Startup

Empowering Bambu Systems to Serve the Underserved

As a startup hoping to provide financial services access to unserved and underserved communities, Memphis-based Bambu Systems was looking for solutions that could deliver scale, a seamless mobile experience, virtual back-office and a bi-lingual call center. Partnership with FIS has provided Bambu with a cloud-native core banking platform, featuring API-first technology and the 24/7 expertise needed as it adds products and services to its growing business.

At a Glance

Deliver mobile financial services to unserved and underserved populations
Bambu Systems has expanded its products and services while continuing to provide customers with a personalized, virtual banking experience. A cloud-native core provides a 360-degree view of accounts and transactions, enabling the customer representatives to deliver the accurate and efficient service that will be critical in maintaining and growing customer accounts. As Bambu Systems continues to evolve, it plans to partner with FIS for innovative technology and expertise to reach new goals.


Today, Bambu Systems provides products and services that deliver financial services, payments solutions and more to underserved communities. It creates components and products that allow easy mobile access, real-time payments and bilingual support services for its primarily Latino customer base.

Thousands of open APIs

Improved view of customer data

We selected FIS because we had a list of things we were looking for in a platform. We needed the ability to scale and FIS had the ability to scale with us domestically and internationally."
- Doug Quay | CEO/Founder, Bambu Systems
With the FIS contact center…agents are able to enhance our customer experience.”
– Val Infante | Chief Marketing & Business Development, Bambu Systems
It isn’t just a platform; we’re also using the FIS virtual back office.”
– Doug Quay, CEO/Founder