Client Story

Bringing PCI DSS Compliance to Heel

Helping Harry’s Treats Dog Bakery with PCI DSS

You never know where a light-hearted gift from a friend could lead. Paul Marsden’s life was changed by a dog treat recipe book he received. When Harry, his Labrador, wolfed down the home-baked treats enthusiastically, Paul was inspired to make more – selling them at farmers markets, pet shows and events. Eventually, he opened a retail shop and Harry’s Treats Dog Bakery in Edinburgh’s Portobello district has since become the go-to location for discerning canines.

Who knew there was so much red tape involved in pet food? Luckily, Paul’s payments partner, Worldpay from FIS®, offers solutions and guidance to ease the compliance burden in managing his business. There are many regulatory hoops through which Paul must jump before the treats are sold, including compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Like all merchants accepting payments with debit and credit cards, he must prove he’s doing the right things to protect his customers’ card details and private data.

At a Glance

Alleviate the administrative worry of PCI DSS compliance.
The SaferPayments Plus service ensures Harry’s Treats are properly in compliance with PCI DSS. The Move/5000 mobile terminals allow Harry’s Treats to take payments anywhere – on premises, at farmers markets and at pet shows – while the Worldpay Dashboard gives a complete view of its account and payment activity.


Harry’s Treats has the support and guidance needed to have confidence that it’s complying with PCI DSS regulations and doing the right things to protect its customers. The SaferPayments Plus service includes security tools, such as virus and vulnerability scans, that alert merchants when software needs updating and ensures the most up-to-date and secure versions are installed. The Worldpay from FIS SaferPayments Plus team monitors for threats remotely and helps resolve any problems they detect.

Guidance on PCI DSS self-assessment

Service and support

It was a bit overwhelming to discover just [what was] involved in the [PCI DSS] self-assessment questionnaire you have to complete.”
Paul Marsden | owner, Harry’s Treats
The level of service is really, really good.”
Paul Marsden | owner, Harry’s Treats