Choose just the right medical merchant account


September 16, 2019

Like all fast-paced businesses, your medical office needs highly organized, precise processes in order to stay on top of day-to-day operations and to keep patients happy. It’s time for a medical merchant account that manages payments at an optimum pulse.   

Streamlining operational tasks makes everyone’s lives a bit easier.

Just what the doctor ordered.  Choosing the right point of sale (POS) technology—that’s been specially designed for medical and health care offices—can help your staff stay focused on your patients’ health, not on administrative tasks. With merchant processing and a credit card payments system built specifically for medical offices, you can:

  • Track your patients’ appointment history at-a-glance, alongside their complete medical histories—with no need to sift through paper records
  • Streamline or automate your patient appointment reminder calls, via SMS text or email confirmation
  • Track and manage inventory for your medical and office supplies 

Offer your patients the latest in payments options.

Today’s sophisticated consumers are used to many more payments choices than just the old “cash, credit, or check” options. So, make sure you choose a POS system that allows today’s patients—and those still to come—to pay how they want to pay. 

Investing in a medical POS system that accepts mobile payments using an app or mobile-enabling technology, like NFC, is a great way to attract new, young patients, as well as keep your current clientele happy.

Simplify your health and medical office administration with built-in payments processing.

When you choose Worldpay to accept card payments and help build the POS solution that’s right for you, you’ve taken a step on the road to smarter, faster, easier payments.  There are no surprises and most often no extra software to buy. In fact, our payment processing is already built into the most popular POS systems for medical offices. From the very first day your office is processing payments with us, your new solution will be fully functional and driving revenue for your medical office.

When you choose us to accept credit card payments for your medical office, we will strive to provide:

  • Dependable and fully protected debit and credit card processing
  • Streamlined payments that you can accept from multiple locations
  • Comprehensive 24/7 phone and email support—even on major holidays
  • Advanced troubleshooting and timely alerts to help you resolve payment issues in real-time
  • Backup processing protection in the event that a network goes down

Start accepting payments in your medical office today.