Coffee shop credit card processing, brewed to order


June 24, 2019

Coffee shops need fuel to keep running; like credit card processing that keeps pace with the biggest customer rush.

Running a busy coffee shop means being efficient to serve customers fast. When it comes to credit card processing, you need proven payment technology that works as fast and as hard as you do. Yet every business is unique. Coffee shop credit card processing is a custom pour that should adapt to your business, not the other way around.

Credit card processing & payment packages for coffee shops

Worldpay serves both standard and custom blends of payment processing to unique coffee shops around the world. We can help grow your business with a full menu of benefits.

Serve more customers faster and more reliably

Coffee shops typically process a high volume of smaller transactions. Keeping your operation percolating every day means your credit card processing needs to be lighting fast, easy to use, and perform like clockwork. Expert coffee is the result of high quality beans, expert roasting, and expert final preparation.

Expert payments require selecting the right equipment for the way your business operates, selecting a reliable credit card processor, and blending the right procedures to make your business run like clockwork.

Boost customer loyalty with membership and gift cards

Coffee shops rely on their loyal customers. Every business hopes to keep their customers coming back. In the highly competitive world of coffee shops, repeat business becomes essential. Consumers love to be rewarded, especially from the businesses they frequent.

Loyalty rewards and gift card options help drive even more store visits from your most valuable repeat customers. Gift cards can lure new customers, while giving your customers an opportunity to express their gratitude and act as ambassadors for your business.

Loyalty and reward programs are for everyone—not just big national chains. We can help your coffee shop with loyalty programs and flexible gift card options that are easy to implement and even easier for your staff and customers to use.

Take charge of your business at the point of sale

The point of sale (POS) is your coffee shop command center where everything needs to come together. POS systems can do more than ever, so it’s important to select a system that can meet your needs both today and in the future.

POS systems need to work flawlessly in accepting payments reliably, predictably, and easily, every single time. The new generation of POS system can act as platforms, with apps to connect other common services that help you run your coffee shop. From staff scheduling and tracking to accounting, managing tips to connecting with inventory, POS systems can do it all.

Our payments experts will help you sort through the confusion and build a custom point of sale that offers everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

Give your customers the payment options they want

Generations ago, coffee shops were like most businesses—cash only. Then credit and debit cards arrived on the scene opening up a new frontier for merchants and the customers they serve. Most businesses adapted to accept the new forms of payment, while others lagged behind.

Today, the new frontier in payments is mobile wallets. Accepting mobile payments keeps your on-the-go customers happy, keeps the line moving and shows that your business is looking to the future.

Traditional credit cards aren’t going away anytime soon, but the future of mobile payments is now. Equipping your coffee shop with the technology to accept eWallets is simple and secure. Our payments experts can help you keep your modern customers happy with the latest in affordable, safe, mobile payment acceptance.

Protect your business—and your customers

In today’s world where data and security issues are of vital concern to everyone, paying attention to security is as important as selecting the right coffee and hiring the right staff. Accepting credit, debit, and other forms of electronic payment is becoming a must for coffee shops. Every bit as important is staying in compliance with credit card security regulations and following common sense best practices.

Payment technology companies can help reduce risks related to fraud. We have teams of experts that can help your coffee shop reduce risk of losses related to fraud. From chip card acceptance to helping your business stay compliant with Payment Card Industry (PCI) regulations, you want proven security at an affordable price.

People get into the coffee business for many reasons, though “becoming a payment security expert” isn’t one of them. Thankfully, you don’t have to become an expert to help keep your business safe. Protecting your business and reducing risks associated with fraud do require taking payment security seriously. That begins with selecting a payments partner that offers proven protection. Ask questions and demand clear answers, your business deserves no less.

Whether you’re a brand new business, franchised location, or long-established fixture in town, we can help. You’ll also enjoy comprehensive 24/7 live support, backup processing protection, and a team of small business payments experts to help your coffee shop thrive and grow. Speak with one of our payments experts today.