Finding the right credit card processing for your non-profit


July 09, 2019

In many respects non-profits are fundamentally different from other business. The biggest difference is that non-profits are based around a mission other than private financial gain. Yet non-profits depend on income just like any for-profit businesses.

Non-profits deserve nothing less than the best when it comes to safe and convenient credit card processing. For non-profits with consumer-facing operations you need a modern POS system that can accept payments, track donations, and pinpoint your most loyal supporters. Many non-profits need safe, secure processing of payments and donations online.

Your non-profit deserves world-class payment processing, however you raise funds. Beyond simple payment acceptance, payment processors can help your non-profit operate more efficiently to grow income—and keep more of what it earns. Choosing the right payment processing can help grow and advance the mission of your non-profit.

How to make giving easy for your donors

Partner with a non-profit payment processing provider that enables you to accept payments how and where your donors would like to give.

When choosing a non-profit credit card processing solution, here are a few things to look for:

  • Recurring payments for ongoing donations and services
  • Specialized functionality designed specifically for non-profits
  • On-demand reporting and analytics capabilities
  • Promotional functionality, like custom donor communications
  • Security and fraud protection from a single provider

Many non-profits choose a payment processing solution that complements their marketing efforts. From payments acceptance and to data analytics to communication with your donors, a specially designed non-profit credit card processing system can help you bring in more supporters and drive donor loyalty.

Non-profit case study: is an online charity that makes it easy for anyone to help K-12 students in need. We spoke with Taylor Chang at regarding their experiences with Worldpay’s eCommerce payments solutions and services.

Watch this video to learn how leverages Worldpay’s payment processing to accept donations via monthly subscriptions, one-time payments and more. 

The importance of recurring payments

A well-oiled recurring payment program is the financial foundation for many non-profits. All healthy organizations seek predictable long-term revenue, regardless of profit model. For many non-profits, that reliable revenue stream comes from many small contributions.

Small, routine contributions by donors and sustainers are easier than ever to manage with recurring payment functionality offered by your payment processor or other third party. In a typical non-profit recurring payment, a donor provides your business with a payment method—a credit or debit card, or increasingly their bank account details—and grants approval to be billed at regular intervals.

Whether the recurring payments represent a fee for a subscription service or simply a donation, once established it’s vital that they remain intact. Look for an automated updating service that helps reduce “breakage” from donors when recurring payments fail due to cards expiring, being re-issued or other reasons.

Non-profit credit card processing: Making the right choice

When you choose Worldpay for your non-profit credit card processing you’ll also enjoy:

  • Safe and reliable processing of debit and credit cards
  • Hosted payments that reduce PCI DSS compliance
  • Live 24/7/365 support you can count on
  • Detailed reporting and analytics generate insights to aid growth and retention
  • Troubleshooting alerts to help resolve payment issues
  • Backup processing protection in case of network outages

Worldpay offers credit card processing and more to many non-profits. Connect with one of our payment experts to learn how we can simply and flexibly connect your non-profit to the future of payment acceptance.