Is your business ready to accept Apple Pay mobile payment solutions?


July 09, 2019

Questions to ask before taking the bite.

Apple Pay mobile payment solutions is a popular mobile wallet that allows customers to store credit and debit card information on an Apple device to make payments in just seconds. Apple Pay makes payments using an iPhone  or Apple Watch mobile device easy—in-store, online and in-app.

As a merchant you may have lingering questions about Apple Pay acceptance: How does Apple Pay work? Do you need to invest in new equipment? Is there a big learning curve? Can it speed up checkouts and improve customer experiences? How do you get started?

So is your business ready to accept mobile payments? Let’s look at a few questions commonly posed by merchants like you to see if your business is on track to accept Apple Pay .

How does Apple Pay work?

In-store, Apple Pay uses Near Field Communication (NFC) allowing your point of sale hardware to wirelessly communicate with a customer’s Apple device. A simple tap of the aor other device near your POS––within about 2 inches––captures the data needed to securely enable the transaction.

Apple Pay works in three ways: in-store, in-app and online.

#1 – Accept Apple Pay in-store. Accepting Apple Pay requires a point of sale (POS) terminal enabled with NFC. NFC is a radio frequency that allows contactless payments with smartphones, and contactless payment cards too. Customers place their smartphones within a few inches of your POS. The payment transaction is authorized with a passcode and biometric authentication like a fingerprint or facial recognition. Most transactions take just seconds.

#2 – Accept Apple Pay in-app. In-app purchases on iPhone mobile devices make smartphone-based payments safe, easy and convenient, wherever your customers are. APIs make integration of Apple Pay into in-app payments simple.

#3 – Accept Apple Pay online. Many eCommerce businesses accept Apple Pay online. Talk to your payments partner or eCommerce provider about adding Apple Pay as another payment option to help reduce friction and especially cart abandonment. Your web developer can make sure your business sets up Apple Pay as an option at checkout––with usually no app necessary.

Is Apple Pay secure?

Apple Pay is more secure than traditional cards. According to the company, here’s why:

  • Consumer card data is encrypted so sensitive card data isn’t stored on Apple devices
  • Encrypted data is managed by industry-standard Secure Element chips
  • Payments require authentication by PIN, fingerprint or facial recognition
  • Consumers can suspend service and disable Apple Pay remotely

What are the benefits of accepting Apple Pay?

In 2019, more merchants offer Apple Pay than ever before. From retail to restaurants, merchants are discovering the benefits of accepting Apple Pay, including convenience, faster payments and loyalty programs. Here are just a few of the leading benefits to Apple Pay:

#1 – Convenience. Today’s consumers may not carry wallets when they leave the house, but virtually everyone remembers their smartphone or smartwatch. Paying is easy for consumers who simply have to tap and authenticate with a device that’s probably already in their hand. 

#2 – Faster payments. Consumer expectations for convenience and speed are higher than ever. Nowhere is that more true than at the checkout counter. When you offer Apple Pay and other mobile wallets, lines can move a lot faster. That speed can pay off in many ways, allowing more transactions and more time for your associates to focus on other tasks.

#3 – Loyalty programs can help grow business. Consumers love loyalty and reward programs. Linking rewards cards to Apple Pay can help build loyalty while offering secure convenient payments. Adding contactless reward cards to Apple Wallet offers seamless integration of rewards into your customers’ use of Apple Pay. That’s a win-win for businesses and your loyal customers.

Are more merchants accepting Apple Pay?

Are you ready to start accepting Apple Pay and other mobile wallets at your business? Worldpay partners with small businesses just like yours to make accepting payments safe and secure. You can start by connecting with one of our payments experts today.