Marina credit card processing

July 10, 2019

Get on board with credit card processing that serves the needs of all customers in your marina. You need flexible credit card processing to keep your hub of commerce, recreation, and transportation running smoothly. We've got the payment processing you need to anchor your marina in success.

Boating industry payments, anchored for success.

Marinas come in all shapes and sizes and no two are alike. From dockage rental to boat sales, fuel service to gift shops, and restaurants to marine supply stores, marinas typically offer a broad array of services to a diverse customer base. Marina customers may be familiar regulars or one-time guests. They may make many small purchases, one very large purchase, or they may make recurring payments. They may be local, or from virtually any international port of call. Marinas need to be ready, with payment processing that’s anchored for success.

Merchant services for smooth sailing marinas

Marinas have existed for centuries to serve the needs of boaters. Modern boater’s needs are complex and today marinas provide more diverse services than ever to meet those needs. Providing a broad range of services to a diverse customer base requires payments that are built to withstand choppy waters.

Just like you need to handle many different sizes and types of boats, you need to be ready for all kinds of payments. One size fits all solutions aren’t going to cut it. You’ll need merchant services that are built for smooth sailing through all types of conditions.

Payments ready for changing seas

Operating a marina is much like navigating the open seas: you need to be prepared for anything. That’s certainly true when it comes to payments, from accepting credit and debit cards to direct recurring billing.

Let’s start with accepting credit and debit cards. For small businesses that operate at a relatively low volume of transactions, simple and durable credit card terminals are sufficient. If you’re operating high volume restaurants, gift shops, or fueling stations, an integrated point of sale system will often make more sense.

And that’s just the beginning, as technology is transforming the way marinas operate. A new generation of mobile card readers lets you to accept credit cards directly on the fuel dock, allowing boaters to stay with their vessels. Accepting eWallets like Apple Pay®, Google Pay®, and Samsung Pay® mobile payments solutions can help speed things along at the point of sale.

Typical merchant service solutions are designed for one type of business. Yet marinas are far too diverse for out of the box solutions. Worldpay understands the complex needs of marinas and other boating industry businesses. We’ll work with you to optimize credit card processing no matter how you do business, whether you handle high dollar transactions, a high volume of transactions, and everything in between.

We also offer ACH and eCheck services to handle recurring payments such as seasonal dock slip charges, and a virtual terminal to take payments over the phone for boat rentals, dock slips, fuel pre-pays or dry storage. Gift cards and loyalty programs help keep your best customers happy. We also work with marinas to make B2B payments easy.

Safe harbor for boating industry payments

You don’t need to become an expert to secure the digital assets of your boating industry business. Yet operating a successful business today requires learning a few best practices.

Operating a safe marina requires protecting your physical assets through best practices like secure locks, fencing, alarm systems and partnering with professional security services. Today, digital assets and payment services need to be on that essential list. Operating a safe marina business also requires state of the art payment security and a merchant services provider that understands all of the security challenges faced by marinas.

We help marinas with the latest in payment security. From EMV-compliant technologies at the point of sale to sophisticated online fraud detection, our secure payment systems smooth the waters for the busy marina operators. We’ll help protect your business as you navigate industry regulations, including PCI compliance.