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June 16, 2019

A merchant account allows your business to accept credit cards, debit cards, and more. Commodity credit card processing services offer merchant accounts for ordinary business. For the extraordinary business, however, the basics just won’t cut it. Worldpay is a true payments partner offering eCommerce merchant accounts with all the fixings.

Fast and easy setup, flexible options

Setting up an eCommerce merchant account is fast, easy and flexible.

  • Streamlined application-to-processing
  • Competitive processing rates
  • More secure, protected transactions
  • Available directly through us, or one of our trusted integration partners

Accept more payments types than ever

In order to attract and retain the most customers, you want as many payment options as possible. Worldpay accepts over 300 payment types. When you establish an eCommerce merchant account with Worldpay, your business can:

  • Accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express
  • Accept ACH and eCheck
  • Accept eWallets such as Apple Pay® and Google Pay® mobile payment solutions
  • Process B2B payments in a snap—even Level II and Level III transactions

Stay ahead of eCommerce fraud

When it comes to eCommerce, fraud is at the top of everyone’s mind. Worldpay offers a comprehensive online payment fraud protection suite to help you outwit internet fraudsters. We cover your business with customizable features specific to online payment processing.

Worldpay is a leader in implementing tokenization, the bleeding edge of online credit card processing security. Tokenization replaces sensitive personal payments data with tokens that mean have no value to criminals. Tokenization is the simplest and more secure method to protect your business against potentially disastrous data breaches.

  • Remove sensitive cardholder data from your system
  • Reduce your scope of PCI-DSS compliance
  • Maintains access to your data, whenever you need it

We’re open for development

Does your business have your own developers who want to code your systems for you? That’s brilliant. Worldpay encourages you to code, test, and certify everything we offer.

Simply download one of our SDKs (PHP, Ruby, Java, .NET, or Python) to get started. If you have an existing shopping cart solution, simply grab one of our third-party extensions, Magento or OpenCart. We make it easy for you to make our systems your own.

Overcome the chargeback challenge

Chargebacks and other disputed transactions are an unavoidable part of selling online. But they don’t have to impact your bottom line.

We’ll help you pinpoint the two-thirds of chargebacks that are likely associated with fraud. You’ll also receive daily alerts on confirmed fraudulent activity from card issuing banks. When chargebacks do occur, our analysts and detailed reporting help you managing the process efficiently.

Growing global online

eCommerce merchants should also be prepared to help you go global, accepting and settling payments that come from near and far to your corner of the online world.

Worldpay operates in 146 countries and is a global leader in cross-border eCommerce payments.

Reach out to discuss your options with one of our payments experts.