Worldpay and Socratic survey pinpoints how financial institutions can attract Gen Z and Millennials | Worldpay

Worldpay Editorial Team

June 22, 2019

Financial institutions can capture Gen Z and Millennials’ attention by offering advice to help them meet their financial goals, according to Worldpay’s recent financial goals survey. 

While making more money and increasing savings were the top reported financial goals for 2019 across the generations, Millennials and Gen Z are in the market for financial guidance, too. Younger respondents revealed that managing debt and a budget are their top areas of concern. We also uncovered other reasons consumers switch institutions including lower fees, account opening incentives, and a more convenient location. 

Worldpay and Socratic Technologies conducted the Financial Goals survey in December 2018, with 1,009 respondents.

Check out the entire report and view our highlights below.