Case Study

Worldpay from FIS is helping Best Day Travel get local payments off the ground.

June 26, 2020

Best Day Travel is a premier travel group that operates in more than nine countries in the Latin American region, as well as the U.S. and Spain. Established in 1984 in Cancun, Best Day serves various audiences including business-to-consumer, business-to-business and business-to-business-to-consumer.

As Best Day serves clients in several different countries, the company needed a payment partner that could assist with cross-border, multicurrency payment acceptance that complied with local regulations and policies. The partner would need to accommodate its customers from many different time zones. “It’s very important to charge in the local currency and, in order to be successful, we needed to offer the best options for our clients,” said Christian Nieto, director of means of payment at Best Day Travel.

In order to enable greater payment acceptance for more bookings across more markets, Best Day also needed a payment provider with global and local acquiring licenses worldwide. “All of our processes, actions and strategies focus directly on the client,” Nieto explained. “We sell various products and services so that the person’s trip – whether for business or pleasure – is the best and most enjoyable experience possible.”

Maximize global acceptance

After an extensive search, Best Day chose Worldpay from FIS™ as their global payment partner. Worldpay offers payments solutions that allowed Best Day to offer local currencies in various countries – even where the company operates without a physical presence. According to Nieto, Worldpay has the expertise and resources to help his company serve different markets and meet the regulations of each country. They have also helped with the entire multicurrency process. Worldpay provides payment acceptance for 126 currencies in more than 146 markets which enables Best Day to explore a vast amount of opportunities globally.

“No matter what time zone your customer is in, you must be available, and that’s what Worldpay offers,” Nieto explained.

Convert sales and save

Since working with Worldpay, Best Day Travel has achieved a 10 percent increase in authorization rates to nearly 85 percent after only two months. In addition to boosting authorization rates, Nieto says Worldpay’s services are highly appreciated.

“We have an advisor that is available for all the things we need, and the advice is vital because we save time,” Nieto explained. “More than that, for new markets and the markets we are already in, there is constant revision as per the acceptance rates to see how we can increase them.” For Nieto, Worldpay offers much more than technology services and payment processing. “Worldpay is an advisor in the entire processing of payments and offers a high-quality service. That’s why we like working with Worldpay.”

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